Custom Portraits Paintings FAQ's 


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1. What kind of photos should I send?

Regular color or black and white photos - photos sized as small as 4x6" and as large as 8.5x11" usually work best.


2. Will my photos be returned?



3. How long does it take?

That depends on the backlog of orders. Usually four to six weeks is necessary depending upon the size, but special needs will be met, if possible.



5. Can I send a portrait to someone else as a gift?

Yes, your custom portrait painting can be sent out as a gift. When sent as a gift the portrait comes with a small note card indicating who commisioned it and that it was created especially for the recipient. Short additions can be added to the notecard as well.


6. Do you do portraits of homes or buildings?

Yes, you can commission portraits of homes, churches, and commercial properties. Please visit John's Home Portraits website at


7. Can I phone you to discuss an order?

Yes, you can reach me at (516) 524 - 7501.


8. What forms of payments do you accept?

Payment must be made by check, certified check or money order. Purchases paid using personal checks may be held until payment has cleared. I can not accept credit cards or PayPal for purchases at this time. International / non-USA customers can use an international money order or a cashier's check made out to the exact specified amount in USD (must be in USD, not your local currency). You can typically get a money order from your local post office, bank, and many other places. Sorry personal checks cannot be used for non-USA orders.


9. Can I request changes to my portrait before giving my final approval?

Minor changes can be accommodated. Please remember, however, that the portrait is based upon the photograph supplied and therefore major changes are not possible.


10. If I don't like the finished picture, can I have my money back?

Every effort is made to ensure that you are happy with your portrait before it is shipped out to you. But, if you are not satisfied with your Custom Portrait Painting after you receive it in the mail you have 7 days to email Home Portraits and inform John of your intent to return it. As long as the picture is returned by insured mail and is received in perfect condition, within two weeks (14 days) of your email, a refund check will be mailed to you minus 50% of your original total order price for a commission fee. All costs of return shipping are the responsibility of the customer.


11. What do I do if the picture is damaged during shipping?

Please contact me immediately to arrange to have your picture returned and to have another custom portrait immediately created for you.



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