Custom Portrait Paintings


“Illuminating the spirit and passion which lies within”


by John Arelt


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Unique Expressionist Portrait Paintings


In our fast-paced, hectic, media-driven culture we often times only “see” people thus forgetting that to truly know and care we must also take the time to understand that which lies within.


With these distinct, expressionist custom portrait paintings, I hope to challenge everyone to go beyond just seeing to truly discovering the entire spirit. We cannot stop at the surface we instantly recognize but must realize and seek to understand the unique, whole and beautiful design which is within each and every one of us - and that makes each of us the person we truly are. 


Custom Pen & Ink Home Portraits


Custom portraits, done in pen & ink, of homes, churches, and commercial properties can be commissioned as well. Please visit my Home Portraits website by clicking on the Home Portraits title above.




Creating Your Custom Portrait Painting


Your portrait painting is based upon your photograph. The first step is usually to crop the photo down to just the face. Then from this cropped photo, I create a small design sketch that defines the different areas of shapes and colors. This design is then drawn onto a stretched canvas of the desired size. Finally, the color palette - either an orange/red palette or a red/purple palette - is made up and, with these colors, the painting is then completed.


And to ensure it will stand the test of time, your portrait is crafted with the finest oil and acrylic pigments on an acid-free, 100% cotton canvas. Additionally, all canvases are back stapled to the stretcher bars meaning that your portrait painting continues onto all the side edges of the work. This provides a truly unique finished look and makes framing - though you may certainly choose to - unnecessary.





Ordering &  Pricing


 To order your custom portrait painting and for available sizes and pricing information please contact me at:



When your order is finalized, and I have received your photo, work will begin on your portrait painting. When your painting has been completed, I will email you and include an attached jpeg copy of the work for your approval. Once your final approval of your portrait painting is received it will promptly be shipped out to you.



Please allow, depending upon the size of your work, for up to six weeks from the time of sending your order for your custom portrait painting to be completed and delivered.



Questions or Comments - Visit the Portraits From Photos FAQ Page.

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