Photography Tips for Pen & Ink

House Portraits


Photograph Examples


1. Take a number of different photos from various angles and distances. Take close-ups of any areas that have interesting details you would like included.


2. Take photos that include the sides of your house as well.


3. Please make sure that if any parts of the front or sides of the house are obscured by trees, cars, street signs, or lamps etc. they will be clearly visible in photos taken from other angles.


4. Be sure to include at least one photograph of your house that is from directly front on.


5. Please make sure that the landscaping around the front and side foundation of your home is visible in some of the photos. That is part of what makes your house uniquely your own and it will be incorporated into the work as well.


6. Most of all, have fun and shoot away - the more pictures to work from the better!





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