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Perhaps the best way to describe John is in the word dualities. Once a burgeoning civil engineering student, John left behind that field of study to pursue a career in art. He studied for a year at the Art League of Long Island, two years at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, and since then has been included in numerous group shows and juried exhibitions in and around New York City. A love of architecture though, led him back to school to study Architectural Drafting and Design at Island Drafting and Technical Institute and then Architectural Design and Visualization at Pratt Institute in NYC. "My life and my art have been punctuated by dualities. My educational career, at times, took vastly different paths and when it comes to the passions that shape my art, well, they couldn't be more disparate. I mean, I love animals and nature and being outdoors in the quiet, wide open spaces of the country. And I worry about the affects our ever-increasingly technological world has on people. Yet, with all that in mind, I still can't help but be inspired by the purely visual impact provided by the city and its soaring structures of stone and steel. In the end though, I think my love for the abstract and the concrete and of the natural and the man-made came together to form a very unique person and artist - an artist who loves the precision, detail and grandeur that exists in great architecture, the pure and simple beauty that resides in nature, and the interplay of shape and form, of color and light that lives in abstraction. And each of my works, no matter how it may be categorized, grows from and embraces a part of each of these loves."


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